A Competition Where You Can Win A Fantastic Trip to Las Vegas

Those of you who have read the page about cricket tickets will be aware of the fact that those who subscribe to this site have a chance to participate in regular competitions and be in with a chance of winning tickets to great cricket matches. However, once a year, there is a competition to win a much bigger prize.

Win a Trip to Las Vegas

As well as a being a huge cricket fan, Sajeed Khan, the owner of the site, is an avid gambler. Like a lot of Indians, he loves nothing better than placing some bets on the cricket matches that he is watching. Although he has an account with an online casino and sportsbook, he also enjoys visiting mortar casinos.

Our advice, if you win this competition and go to Vegas is to absolutely not forget your blackjack cheat sheet !

He had always wanted to go to Las Vegas and his dream came true back in 2016 when he won a trip for two to Vegas for a week. The flights and hotels were paid for and him and his partner were given $5,000 each to spend as they wanted. Both of them had the time of their lives and it gave him the idea of giving his subscribers the chance to win flight tickets to Las Vegas with accommodation thrown in as well.

How Do You Participate?

Just like with the competition for the tickets to cricket matches, this competition is only open to those who have subscribed to his site. Furthermore, just like with the cricket competition, participants have to purchase raffle tickets to be in with a chance of winning. Whereas the cricket competition cost a fiver per raffle ticket, this one is obviously a lot more expensive due to how big the prize is.

Those who want to participate can buy a raffle ticket for 50 quid. Like with the cricket ticket competition, each participant is only allowed to purchase a total of two tickets. It might seem like 50 pounds is a bit much for a raffle ticket, but it really isn’t when you take the prize into consideration. A trip to Las Vegas can cost a few thousand at the very least, so it is definitely worth risking 50 pounds.

The money that is raised from the selling of the raffle tickets will pay for the flights and the accommodation. If there is any money left over, that will be thrown in as spending money. If there is nothing extra, then you will need to provide your own spending money.

What Exactly Do You Win?

The lucky winner will win a 4-day break in Las Vegas at the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino (a small extension of the Thunderbolt Casino)

Khan knows that those in the medical profession are very busy and are not always able to get time off, so the lucky winner will also get to choose the period that they want to go on this trip of a lifetime.

You will know when a competition is about to take place as Khan will send an email to all of the site’s subscribers. So, you never need to worry about missing out on such a fantastic prize.